Manufacturer: Trimedica

Trimedica - MSM Toothpaste 5%

MSM Toothpaste promotes dental hygiene, improves gum and tooth health, freshens breath, improves tooth brightness, and reduces tartar and plaque buildup. Unlike ordinary toothpastes that work superficially, TriMedica MSM Toothpaste is made from unique, high-grade dietary MSM sulfur which Enhances control sulfur deficiencies that can lead to unhealthy teeth and gums. MSM Toothpaste also Enhances neutralize excess acid in your mouth and less acid means long-lasting fresh breath and stronger, healthier, less cavity-prone teeth. Users also report wonderful relief for inflamed, bleeding gums and excellent natural teeth whitening as well as plaque and tartar reduction with no harsh chemicals! Use everyday for a brighter, whiter, truly healthier smile! Sulfur is an absolutely essential mineral for healthy teeth and gums. Fresh, minty, delicious fluoride-free TriMedica MSM toothpaste is the first and only sulfur-based toothpaste ever made and it works wonders for your whole mouth! PureMSM is 99.9% pure and provides benefits other brands don’t.

Trimedica MSM Toothpaste 5%

MSM Toothpaste 5% Price: $7.95

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