Bilberry, grows in northern Europe and North America and Canada. It is the berries are used in herbal medicine.

Action of Bilberry

Bilberries contain vitamin C and are rich in Bioflavanoids, water soluble pigments that are potent Antioxidants. The main Bioflavanoids are anthocyanosides which are specifically protective and supportive to blood vessels and structures of the eye. British World War II pilots famously noticed their night vision improved after consuming Bilberry jam.

Bilberry also has hypoglycaemic actions and is anti-inflammatory, astringent, anti-diarrhoeal, anti-emetic, diuretic and anti-bacterial.

Bilberry Uses

Our experts recommend Bilberry for the following disorders:

| Cataracts
| E coli
| Gastroenteritis
| Varicose veins

Other Bilberry Information

Many herbalists recommend Bilberry herbal supplements for many eye disorders, but also for digestive problems and balancing blood sugar levels. Dried berries are a traditional remedy for diarrhoea.

Bilberry herbal supplements are available as tablets, capsules or tincture.

Cautions When Using Bilberry

| Generally, there are no side effects or contra-indications from using Bilberry herbal supplements.

| When this article was written there were no well-known negative drug interactions with Bilberry.