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Topfer - Eugalan Topfer Forte

Euglan Forte is a beneficial bacteria that synthesize nutrients in the intestinal tract, counteract pathogenic micro-organisms and maintain healthy intestinal environment. Acidophilus may also be used for digestive maintenance and flora restoration after long courses of antibiotics. EugalanTopfer, Topfer forte. A delicious lactobacillus bifidus (bifidobacterium) preparation. Eugalan Forte contains a natural culture of live lactobacillus bifidus in a special food base that enhances their proliferation and is a reliable source of these organisms for the human intestinal tract. Live Lactobacillus bifidus Organisms: Guaranteed minimum of 30000000 in each 1 oz. Portion. Freshness of product and full potency of live L. Bifidus organisms guaranteed, for unopened package, until date stamped on bottom of box. Once opened, use entire contents within 4 weeks for best results. Special culturing and protective packaging keeps L. Bifidus live and viable without refrigeration. This box contains 70 level measuring spoonfuls of product.

Topfer Eugalan Topfer Forte

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