Manufacturer: Trimedica

Trimedica - Alkamax PH Balancing Powder

AlkaMax Alkaline Booster is a patent pending, one-of-a-kind all natural antacid and alkaline booster that can put an end to heartburn, indigestion, and excess acid in the body. Unlike chemically-saturated over the counter products that only mask the underlying problems of excess acid, AlkaMax Alkaline Booster penetrates the source of acid build up and promotes long lasting alkaline balance throughout the entire body.Peak performance athletes looking to achieve their maximum potential are often frustrated by the limitations caused by muscle burn and soreness due to lactic acid buildup, but now they can shorten their recovery time with daily use of AlkaMax. The powerful nutrients in AlkaMax actually inhibit the buildup of lactic acid.

Trimedica Alkamax PH Balancing Powder

Alkamax PH Balancing Powder Price: $19.95

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